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What Are The Best Methods To Treat Diabetes?


Diabetes is an incredibly common chronic illness. An estimated 415 million people experience some type of diabetes globally. While it can be common, it is also highly treatable.

As a home health agency in Texas, we understand that this condition can be deadly when left untreated. Diabetes can lead to kidney failure and nerve damage. With that, let us talk about how this condition is often treated.

Treatments often start with massive lifestyle changes. Patients with diabetes have to monitor their diet, particularly their sugar and carbohydrate consumption. Many choose to work with home healthcare providers to help with meal preparation.

Since the body is not producing or using insulin properly with these conditions, blood glucose is unregulated. Patients would also monitor their sugar levels before meals. This can help them estimate how much sugar they can have for the day.

Of course, medications are also present in any diabetes treatment plan. There are medications that can stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin. This can be helpful to your overall glucose regulation.

Additionally, both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients may need insulin therapy. Patients can inject their prescribed type of insulin to help regulate their glucose levels. Many also prefer an insulin pump, which is a machine that releases specific amounts of insulin to your body.

Chronic illnesses like diabetes need proper care and monitoring. If you need high-quality care amid this condition, you can come to us here at Cristos Health Care Services Inc. We provide skilled nursing services in Houston, Texas, to help you recover from your illness with ease. Call us today to learn more!

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