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Healthcare in the Comfort of Your Home

Healthcare in the Comfort of Your Home

Nowadays, the range of home healthcare services that a patient can receive is limitless. It can vary depending on the individual patient’s situation and needs—from senior care to more specialized medical services, there’s something for every senior out there.

Here at Cristos Health Care Services Inc., we offer the various medical and skilled nursing services in Houston, Texas which include:

  • Pain, stroke, and disease management
  • Wound and post operative care
  • Personal assistant services
  • Voice, speech, infusion and other therapy services
  • Medication and diet education
  • Strength training and use of assistive devices

To help you recuperate and regain your independence, our home health agency in Texas provides personalized health care in the place where you can rest easy and be most comfortable during the process of your recovery – in your home. Our patient’s comfort, physical ease, as well as the improvement on their overall well-being is our top-most priority.

We are here to assist you with your health management through a variety of skilled nursing services as well as provide personal assistance to your senior or other sick family members. Unlike other home health agencies, our primary goal is to make you feel and let you be personally involved in your own health care with the help of our team which includes nurses, home health aides, medical social workers, and more, is.

Expect nothing less of an exemplary customer service from us. We accommodate all people from all walks of life so call us now and let us know about how we can help.

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