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How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Senior Loved One’s Life

How Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Senior Loved One’s Life

Our senior loved ones may tend to attribute common health issues such as constant pain and weakness to the natural changes they experience as they age.

But they do not need to unnecessarily suffer through these when a professional intervention like the one we offer as a provider of skilled nursing services in Houston, Texas, at Cristos Health Care Services Inc. is available.

This intervention can come in many forms; for instance, our home healthcare services make it possible for your senior loved ones to focus on getting better by providing them assistance in their day-to-day activities. Another intervention, although less familiar, is physical therapy.

Unlike what is often depicted, you can receive physical therapy even when you don’t have a serious medical condition. Any health-related condition that limits one’s abilities to move and perform functional activities and can help your senior loved one lead a more fulfilling life can benefit from physical therapy. Among the ways this is possible include:

  • By improving your senior loved one’s mobility or preventing the loss of mobility before it occurs
  • By relieving your senior loved one’s pain
  • By reducing your senior loved one’s need for surgery and prescription drugs
  • By providing patient education and helping you and the rest of your family understand your senior loved one’s condition

Our physical therapists at our home health agency in Texas offer these benefits through our physical therapy services. Want to see if your senior loved one can reap these advantages? Reach out to us today so we can discuss your options.

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