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Simple Exercise for Seniors at Home

Simple Exercise for Seniors at Home

Exercise is very beneficial to everyone especially seniors. In fact, it is proven that it can help stave off the mobility problems that can interfere with independence, not to mention benefit a person’s mood and health. As a provider of home healthcare, we encourage seniors to do simple exercise at home.

Our caregivers in our home health agency in Texas can guide your daily exercise. It is still possible for seniors to fit in the four basic categories of exercise- endurance, muscle strength, balance, and flexibility.

Doing exercise can help seniors improve their fitness and reduce their risk of falls. As a provider of skilled nursing services in Texas, we provide this list of exercise as a good start for you to try at home:

– Walk-in place
This is the best and easiest way to keep the heart and lungs healthy and build strength in the legs and lower body, and you don’t have to cover a long distance to get the payoffs.

– Standing on one foot
This exercise strengthens lower body muscles that help you stay balanced.

– Wall push-ups
This variation of push-ups builds strength in the chest, shoulders, upper back, and arms, and you won’t have to get down on the floor to do them.

– Stretching
Flexibility is as important as cardiovascular health and muscle strength.

You might consider help from home health agencies. At Cristos Health Care Services Inc., you can trust us in providing quality care for you and your loved ones. Send us a message now!

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