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Wound Care Do’s and Don’ts Everyone Must Know

Wound Care Do’s and Don’ts Everyone Must Know

All home health agencies would agree that knowing how to take care of wounds is a crucial life skill that everyone must know. This is especially so if you have a senior loved one or a family member with a chronic condition that makes wound healing a little more difficult than usual.

In line with this, let us at Cristos Health Care Services Inc., as the community’s trusted home health agency in Texas, enumerate the do’s and don’ts of wound care you must know to prevent bacteria and harmful microorganisms from infecting your wound.

With the approval of a primary care physician, the following steps are needed to properly care for a wound:

  • Holding the wound under running water
  • Using mild soap to clean the wound
  • Replacing wound dressing as needed
  • Checking the wound periodically for signs of infection
  • Putting petroleum jelly over the exposed wound to keep moisture in
  • Consulting your home healthcare provider before using antibiotics


  • Dousing the wound with alcohol or iodine and other commercial antiseptics instead of soap and water
  • Sealing the wound tightly
  • Picking or scratching the wound using your bare hands
  • Applying cosmetic products to the wound as these may irritate it

For your more complicated wound care needs, leave it to a professional. We offer wound care as part of our skilled nursing services in Houston, Texas. Get in touch with us.

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