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Do’s and Don’ts When Taking Medications

Do's and Don'ts When Taking Medications

There is a reason behind everything. Same as why you need to follow some rules when taking medications. Administering drugs in the wrong way can be dangerous to one’s health. Do you want to get well? So you want your Home Healthcare to be successful? Then follow these simple tips when taking prescriptions.

  • Never drink alcohol when taking medications, as it may cause inefficiency or adverse effects.
  • Communicate with your doctor about any other medications you currently take, including vitamins and other supplements.
  • Do not take expired, broken, exposed, or discolored medicines. This rule is self-explanatory.
  • Never share prescription medicines with anyone. Your doctor gave this exclusively for your consumption. Ask the person to see his doctor and know the correct remedy he needs.
  • Always follow the doctor’s order, especially the dosage, duration, and way of administration. You can be at risk of drug resistance if you don’t follow directions correctly.

Medication adherence can make or break your way to healing. When you are in doubt, ask your provider of Skilled Nursing Services in Houston, Texas to double-check everything for you. Or call your prescribing doctor right away.

Do you need someone to assist you with your medication intake? Hire one of our nurses at Cristos Health Care Services Inc. Our skilled professionals can help you with the preparation, reminders, and administration of injections in the comfort of your home.

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