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Helping People Apply First-Aid and Attend to Acute Pain

Helping People Apply First-Aid and Attend to Acute PainPeople with acute health issues will temporarily have pain sensations. But as the condition heals, the pain will gradually subside as well. If your senior client experiences such, how can you manage home healthcare and attain faster healing?

Application of skilled nursing services in Houston, Texas for minor injuries can be as follows:

  • Small cuts or wounds
    Clean the surrounding area of the wound with soap and water, remove any debris, and apply antibiotic cream, ointment, or petroleum jelly. Cover with a bandage and put gauze when there still is bleeding. Change the gauze as needed, then let the wound dry without cover until it fully heals.
  • Minor burns
    Apply wet cold packs to the skin surface. If the burn is in the mouth or tongue, a piece of an ice cube can soothe the pain. Apply ointment or lotion to keep moisture, then administer over-the-counter pain medication.
  • Ankle Sprains
    Let your ankle rest. Apply ice packs to reduce the swelling. Do this at 20-minute intervals until the ankle feels better. Wrap it with a bandage with enough tightness and use braces to limit its movements.

Always remember to wash your hands before applying first-aid, and if you think that the situation needs more medical attention like surgeries, seek consultation immediately.

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