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The Difference Between Home Health and Home Care

the-difference-between-home-health-and-home-careThere are only two possibilities for in-home care for our senior loved ones: home care services and home healthcare services. How do you distinguish between the two? Which service is truly required by your loved one?

Cristos Health Care Services Inc. can help you recognize the key differences between these two services so you can make an informed decision when choosing care providers for your loved one.

Home health care services are types of support and care provided to individuals with medical requirements. These services are offered in the client’s home by professional nurses, physical or occupational therapists, and other healthcare practitioners.

The common services administered with home health care include wound care, medication monitoring, and administration, medical test administration, injection of medications, therapy services including physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and skilled nursing services in Houston, Texas.

Home care services are types of care and support offered by professional and certified caregivers. These services are not medical, but rather practical and related to their everyday requirements, such as food preparation, bathing, grocery shopping assistance, and other activities of daily life. When your loved one is in the following situations, home care services are required:

  • The patient needs constant support in carrying out his or her daily tasks.
  • The patient lives alone at home and is more vulnerable to social isolation and safety concerns.

Whether your loved ones require home care or home health care, they deserve the best care available.

So, what is your loved one’s current requirement? Do they require home health or home care? If you require skilled nursing, our home health agency in Texas will gladly assist you!

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